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We are fascinated by the future of towns and cities: every one of our offices is home to specialist real estate expertise. Real estate is the beating heart of Trowers and touches every part of our firm.

We are passionate about helping businesses and governments shape the way we live and work and see real estate as the stage on which economies and communities develop and thrive. Unique in the breadth of our real estate expertise – our work covers all of its forms across the private and public sectors and from residential to commercial and mixed-use schemes. Dedicated in our approach – we approach every challenge, large or small, with the same level of care and expertise.

Across the world, people are living longer, more active lives. All of us need a place to call home. Recognised as a national leader, housing is part of our DNA. From building new homes to upgrading and adapting existing stock or meeting the needs of particular groups within our communities, we support clients throughout the housing sector with specialist knowledge across our firm.

Towns and cities are transforming fast. Digital-led change is recasting the ways we work, live and shop, but the need for spaces to gather, interact and enjoy leisure remains strong. From the ballooning shortages in housing and construction skills, to the growth of public/private partnerships – we are accomplished in tackling the challenges the real estate sector faces.

Infrastructure is the foundation of the built environment – our understanding of healthcare, transport, power, utilities, education, industry and logistics underpins our real estate expertise. With experience and expertise – from offices across the UK, the Middle East and Asia – we are helping businesses, governments, investors and developers balance their commitments, deliver on their priorities and lead the change that creates the communities of the future.

We are recognised for our ability to take successful ideas and models that we have developed in the UK and adapt and translate across the world. We are notable for our success in doing this in the Middle East. And we are often the first port of call for clients investing from the Middle East, the US and Canada into the UK property market to secure retail or office space, as well as alternative assets such as student accommodation or senior living accommodation.

In brief

  • An international law firm with real estate at its heart
  • Fluent in real estate across every office and in every specialist team
  • Expert in working with and bringing together commercial, residential, public and private sector projects
  • Working on smaller transactions with the same care and attention as the largest deal
  • Unrivalled knowledge of, heritage in and vision for the built environment