How can we help you?

From the providers of services to those that commission them and from the developers building tomorrow’s hospitals, retirement villages and care homes, to the investors supporting the future of health and social care. We help organisations and businesses navigate this vital sector.

The Health & Social Care sector faces multiple challenges. Demand for services is increasing, fuelled by a growing population living with long-term conditions. A shortfall in funding and budget cuts mean resources are rationed and finding new ways to develop and deliver health infrastructure and services is a priority. We have a multidisciplinary team that covers all aspects of healthcare work from major infrastructure projects, acquisitions, investments to regulatory matters and disputes.

Investors are entering the Health & Social Care sector searching for opportunities whether it be to fund real estate healthcare construction or innovative businesses developing new technologies focused on efficient and effective patient outcomes. We partner with our clients to execute their investment strategies.

We often advise developers building tomorrow’s hospitals, retirement villages, supported housing and care homes (for both older people and those with disabilities) – combining our leading real estate experience with in-depth Health & Social Care know how.

Our clients who are service providers range from NHS trusts and private care homes to those delivering high-end clinical services and supporting everyday community-based living. We also advise local authorities and NHS trusts commissioning services, helping them to identify and manage their supply chain and identifying their best options.

For all of our clients – public and private sector - we are a trusted guide, helping them to identify issues and opportunities from every perspective. We use our expertise to start conversations, stimulate innovation and bring together organisations to provide a holistic approach. Given the massive sector drive for sector efficiency and integration we are able to combine our understanding of the private sector and its investment rationale and strategy with our knowledge of public sector institutions, their structures, governance and management in order to make this happen. Expert in due diligence in a highly regulated industry – we are leading the debate and helping clients understand, comply and challenge conventions.

In brief

  • Working across public and private sectors with a holistic approach
  • Helping new ideas and new sources of funding to enter the Health & Social Care sector
  • Experts in Real Estate – working with investors and developers building tomorrows health infrastructure
  • Partnering with providers to deliver vital services and meet obligations
  • Sector experts with comprehensive legal expertise on tap