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With a chronic housing shortage (at all but the highest price points) and enduring societal and demographic change, the subject of affordable housing is higher up the political agenda than ever before. 

What is "affordable housing" in the 21st century?  Who is it for?  Who should provide it and how can delivery at scale be accelerated and supported?   

Local authorities and housing associations remain under pressure to deliver.  Private sector bodies are entering the traditional housing sector with substantial investor backing and the capacity to radically catalyse the market.  

Acknowledged as leaders in all aspects of affordable housing, we have over 50 years of experience to draw on and a clear commitment to continue help shape the sector’s direction and contribution. From individual property transactions to the largest mixed-use schemes and strategic partnerships, we work with organisations (singularly and through joint ventures) throughout the UK to deliver, operate and invest in affordable housing.

We have long and enduring relationships with local authorities, housing associations, developers and the government agencies responsible for the funding and regulation of affordable housing. A trusted guide, we help them deliver, operate and collaborate within the complex legal landscape of affordable housing provision - to share thinking and develop new means of delivery whether in the context of investment, traditional and innovative development vehicles, homelessness alleviation or housing led infrastructure and funding.

In recent years, a range of new organisations have sought to establish themselves within the affordable housing sector. We work with many of these new entrants, we help them understand the policy, regulatory and ethical environment which underpins the sector and to deliver complex transactions against that backdrop.

Trusted to work on the most complex affordable housing issues, we use our wide sector knowledge and experience to work collaboratively with clients and third parties alike to deliver their projects or policy objectives.  We are notable for our expertise in bringing the public and private sectors together, using our knowledge of both as a foundation for pragmatic and commercially sustainable transactions and relationships.

Our experience includes working on the groundbreaking Meridian Water development, the restructuring of Peabody – one of the UK’s most iconic housing associations as well as significant housing and regeneration projects including those at Newcastle’s Byker Estate, London’s Barking Riverside, Plymouth’s North Prospect and Hyde Group's acquisition and redevelopment of 14 acres at Charlton Riverside.

We are proud of the work we have done in affordable housing over the last half century and remain committed to supporting its future evolution.  Housing need is critical and indisputable and we look forward to working with you to address its demands.

In brief

  • 50 years of experience in the affordable housing sector
  • Long standing relationships with local authorities and housing associations across the UK
  • A strategic partner to major players and new entrants to the sector
  • Experts in bringing public and private finance together
  • Deep understanding of the evolving regulatory and policy environment
  • Helping to shape the future of affordable housing