How can we help you?

Businesses today face a range of challenges as well as opportunities when looking to grow - our role is to help you navigate complexity, prepare for change and adapt to a shifting political and economic landscape. Our corporate lawyers will help you assess and make decisions on your growth strategies - recognising that this involves balancing risk and legal considerations with your commercial business objectives. Simply put – we're here to help your business operate, grow and succeed.

From acquisition activity, partnering in joint venture arrangements, raising finance in the public or private investment arena or seeking to overlay corporate governance arrangements or company secretarial services on your business – our specialists understand what you need. 

Why choose our Corporate lawyers?

Whether you are adopting a buy and build approach, engaging in a strategic acquisitions programme, seeking to establish a stronger capital base whether through entering the public market or raising investment by partnering with private equity, we can assist. We know investments and we know acquisitions. From structuring the transaction to undertaking core due diligence, to drafting and negotiating investment agreements, shareholder agreements, sale and purchase agreements, we know how to kick off, execute and deliver transactions. Our experts will advise and guide you throughout the whole transactional lifecycle, and post deal support. 

We make it our business to discover everything about you - knowing what’s important, what’s current and what’s coming next – investing time and commitment into building collaborative partnerships and on-going dialogue with you. Many of our client relationships have lasted years and decades – so businesses benefit from our knowledge of company history, mutual expectations and establishing working relationships.

So whatever stage you are in your growth strategy - you can be sure you are working with a team who understand the transactional lifecycle, what your business needs and how to partner with you to execute your strategy. 

In brief

  • Passionate about helping businesses operate, grow and succeed
  • Dedicated middle-market specialists
  • Capital market expertise combined with sector knowledge
  • Dedicated experts in transactional and commercial expertise across M&A, corporate finance, corporate governance, cross-border investment, fund formation, group re-organisations and restructuring, private equity and joint ventures
  • Bridging private and public sector collaboration

Monitoring mid-market M&A 2024

Our latest report shows deal flow down 33% in 2023 but predicts a busier year ahead for 2024.