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Our Innovation and Legal Technology team are dedicated to client solutions that will save time, free up resources, and add value to the matters we work on with you.

Innovation is central to how we work with our clients. Our Innovation and Legal Technology team work closely with all our lawyers to enhance the work we do for you, using technology to provide effective client solutions. At Trowers, we are driven to continually evolve our approach to streamline and deliver best value to our client services, helping you to save time and resources in meeting your business needs.

Our team is comprised of a multidisciplinary skillset that combines essential legal and technical skills to provide the best client service. Our technologists are embedded within our legal departments and work closely with our lawyers to test, design and create innovative solutions.

We use specialist legal technology tools, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the work we carry out for our clients. We utilise AI where available to create a cost-effective service to undertake large scale document reviews. 

Introducing TrowersEvolve

TrowersEvolve is our own brand of client solutions, with a range of innovative products bespokely produced for your needs. We offer the TrowersEvolve online portal to help you manage your transactions for efficient, secure, collaboration between our clients and lawyers. The portal streamlines workflows and provides valuable 24/7 reporting functionality that adds transparency through trackers of key milestones and metrics, and provides full control over your data via visual dashboards.

Using the portal enables us to enhance efficiency of our work through effective project management. Document automation projects are operated through our TrowersEvolve portal to increase efficiency and improve consistency and accuracy in drafting and document creation for both our clients and our lawyers.

In today's data-rich environment, we support our legal teams' use of e-discovery technology, to enable them to review and manage vast amounts of data for our clients during the disclosure process, against strict timeframes, ensuring evidence assessment and document review is conducted expediently, efficiently, and accurately. 

Discover more about TrowersEvolve here. 

Our approach to innovation

Collaboration is key to shaping the way we work with our clients. Our solutions are bespoke and designed to meet your evolving needs. Our methodology to analyse your requirements and to find the best combination of tools assists us in developing the technology services we offer on an ongoing basis through regular reviews to improve client service.


  • We work closely with our lawyers and clients to identify your requirements.
  • We design practical solutions tailored to your requirements. 
  • We deliver solutions informed and further developed by your feedback.

Our collaborative approach stems from our culture of innovation at Trowers. We foster an atmosphere of open communication and sharing of ideas through our departmental innovation forums and internal competitions.

We believe in the value in open innovation and we frequently partner with legal education providers and legal technology providers on events and initiatives.

Take a look at our case studies and services on offer through TrowersEvolve, or get in touch to find out more. 

Anna Browne

Head of Innovation and Legal Technology


Anna Browne

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