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We're proud of the work our Innovation and legal technology team deliver. And so are our clients. 

Below are a number of case studies and testimonials from recent work. (With some cases, we have had to anonymise the identity of the client). 

AI document review – Asset Management

The problem

Our client sought to improve their oversight, record keeping and management strategy across a large volume of their Real Estate property portfolio by clarifying the legal structures by which the ownership of the Properties was held, and identification of where they (and other parties) had specific obligations within existing management agreements, such cleaning services, repair and statutory obligations such as health and safety and fire safety. 

With documents stored in different locations and limited overall portfolio insights into the contents of the documents at the outset, the Trowers team used AI assisted document review to identify these datapoints with speed and accuracy within the agreements, ensuring the client received the answers quickly and efficiently.  

How we solved it

Once all documents and related supplemental agreements were obtained, we created a comprehensive scheme structure in our secure T&H Client Portal to store all files in a structured and accessible way, available to the client 24/7.

With the support of our AI review platform, our lawyers were able to quickly identify and extract the specific management obligations, then conduct deeper legal analysis, providing the client with a report on the findings.  

In addition to our report, we used an array of data visuals to make the findings easy to immediately understand, so the client could clearly see the scale and extent of responsibility they had for specific obligations.


Our client now has a portal where they can rapidly:

  • Find and access the documents without searching multiple systems;
  • Gain a full overview of their obligations from the data analysis dashboard; and
  • Identify where they have certain obligations and if there are any risk issues.

This central repository for the management agreements has saved the client significant time in locating and reviewing the relevant documents. This time saving, coupled with the use of our AI platform made this a cost-efficient option for the client.

Consumer group litigation - a full client solution

The problem

We represent a number of clients regarding a potential consumer group litigation.

With a growing number of clients interested in taking action, the Trowers team turned to technology to efficiently manage the existing client base and engage with new clients. This will assist in any future group action.

How we solved it

To assist with this challenge, our Innovation & Legal Technology team worked with our lawyers to design a full-service client solution within our TrowersEvolve portals using:

  • our document automation solution integration to support the litigation team with creation of documents to create time efficiencies for responding to clients;
  • and a form on our TrowersEvolve portals to collect essential information from clients and to enable them to upload relevant information, benefiting clients as it allows them to engage us at a time convenient to them.


With all information centralised on TrowersEvolve portals, our lawyers are able to use the technology to manage the growing caseload in a more efficient way. Our lawyers also utilise our built in document automation solution. The technology is facilitating a quicker turnaround time in responding to clients.

Our litigation team are looking at further applications of technology to assist a growing group of clients.

Thoughts from our clients

"The legal technology services provided by Trower's Real Estate & Innovation teams have been instrumental in accessing core data within our portfolio that can be utilised across our organisation. This increased efficiency in handling large volumes of documents is opening up new opportunities for us"

Emma Costello, Head of Legal at Anchor Hanover Group

"Trowers created a bespoke matter management system for Octopus which enables us to track progress on all active matters and legal spend. We have found this to be a helpful tool to centralise information, storage of documents and to streamline workflows and collaboration with our lawyers"

Stavros Criticos, Investment Team at Octopus Real Estate

"The Farnborough Airport Portal is an exceptionally useful tool for our business. The Portal helps us to centralise key information, including diarising dates and keeping a record of current and historical documents. We benefit from both the Farnborough Team and our legal advisors having access to a single system – this helps us to directly connect with our lawyers and to streamline our internal process, for example in respect of statutory filings and sharing information relating to board meetings".

Simon Geere, Chief Executive Officer at Farnborough Airport