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TrowersEvolve is our portfolio of advanced client solutions, created to enhance our legal services. We have developed practical technology solutions, designed to deliver our services to our clients faster and more efficiently with data driven insights.

TrowersEvolve solutions incorporate machine learning, generative AI, workflows, document automation, client portals, data analysis, apps and more. Our goal is to support our clients in their journey of efficiency, using these solutions to automate repetitive tasks and leverage the benefits of generative AI.

TrowersEvolve - Document Automation 

We are able to automate the production of contracts and legal documents using the latest technology, removing the need for manual input and repetition for every new document. Your documents become templates which can be populated using a dynamic web-based questionnaire. 

Answering this questionnaire within your TrowersEvolve portal will quickly generate a first draft of your document using the relevant text, clauses, formatting and numbering.

Benefits to you:

  • Increase efficiency – Automation saves time and transfers basic drafting work from legal experts onto other teams, allowing lawyers to focus on complex matters.
  • Improves consistency – Uses approved templates. All contracts are based on the same internal template and are easy to find and audit.
  • Increases accuracy - Reduces risk of drafting errors. Risky terms can be automatically flagged to compliance teams, keeping them in control.

TrowersEvolve can be used to automate a wide range of document types across any industry sector.

Please email for further information on how document automation can work for you.    

TrowersEvolve - Client portals

Our TrowersEvolve portals are designed to provide secure and effective information structuring and data insights to the work we do for you. We use these to create databases and deal rooms for efficient project management and collaboration. We tailor these with automation, workflows, Q&A tools and customisable dashboards, including matter-tracking of key milestones and spend analytics.

Many of our clients use the TrowersEvolve portals for data capture and information structuring to ensure accurate, data-driven decision making for both the purpose of value for money and regulatory compliance.

Our clients value the collaborative and customisable nature of these portals which provide increased oversight, together with reduced email traffic.

Key features:

  • Reporting features with customisable dashboard
  • Data capture with data insights
  • Information structuring and document storage solution
  • Secure access through multi factor authentication

TrowersEvolve - AI assisted document review

We can use machine learning to identify, extract and analyse text for more efficient review of contracts, leases and other documents at scale. For example, we can employ AI to analyse title registers and filed documents within our client's real estate portfolios to extract key information and identify risks. This enables faster document review and due diligence processes across large volumes, saving resources and costs that can be passed onto our clients.

Draw on our expert legal knowledge as part of these processes to benefit from a more in-depth review of the data by our lawyers as per your requirements. This data driven methodology enables us to deliver a deeper legal understanding of the complex issues.

Our lawyers provide this information to you through reports and interactive graphs on your TrowersEvolve portal dashboard. The dashboard allows you to quickly identify the information you need at a glance, providing you with 24/7 direct access and full control over your business data.

Key features:

  • Large scale document analysis supported by AI
  • Identifies relevant provisions in document sets
  • Increases speed and cost efficacy
  • Data driven insights

Here is what our clients say about our AI assisted document review:

"The legal technology services provided by Trower's Real Estate & Innovation teams have been instrumental in accessing core data within our portfolio that can be utilised across our organisation. This increased efficiency in handling large volumes of documents is opening up new opportunities for us"

Emma Costello, Head of Legal at Anchor Hanover Group

TrowersEvolve - Apps

We create apps.

Our Innovation and legal technology team, can assist you by designing applications specific to your organisation's challenges. These applications can be tailored to your priorities, incorporating workflows, automation, checklists and key contacts to create efficiencies in processes that are otherwise time consuming, or require approvals.

Please get in contact if you'd like to know more about how TrowersEvolve can help you. We're ready to innovate. 

Or learn more about our solutions via our case studies and testimonials. 

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