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Just like all businesses, to be relevant we need to reflect the clients we serve and the world we operate in.


We’ve always been proud of our natural commitment to diversity and inclusion – Trowers Includes formalises and focuses this into a powerful initiative at the heart of our firm.

Remaining attractive to our clients and to the talent we rely on to serve them is a priority for any law firm. At Trowers it’s a way of life. Beyond hierarchy and co-designed by every member of our firm, TrowersIncludes is a powerful thread that runs through life at Trowers. 

Championed by senior leaders and driven by teams across our business, TrowersIncludes brings together a network of groups and initiatives. These include age, ethnicity, gender, work and family, LGBTQ+, social mobility, religion and belief, and physical and mental wellbeing. Diverse by nature, they are united in their mission to spread the word about the positive impact of diversity. We also run a full calendar of events as well as highlighting issues and initiatives across our internal communications channels and via social media.

More than a desire for political correctness or orthodoxy, TrowersIncludes is organic, self-perpetuating, and reaches out to our clients and suppliers too. Inside the firm, we have always been known for the variety in our partnership and have never believed that background, gender, race, disability or orientation should be a barrier to talent.

Our hard work has borne fruit. We were awarded top marks twice over for the Diversity and Inclusion and Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative Awards at the CILEx National Awards and have one of the lowest gender pay gaps in the UK’s top 50 law firms.

With over 40% of Trowers partners female, 13.8% British black, Asian and minority ethnic and 7.3% from the LGBTQ+ community, we’re aware that there’s more work to be done but are proud of the great strides forward we’ve made and the impact this is having.

From a steady increase in the diversity of our graduate intake, to newly enhanced maternity packages and policies for those transitioning at work– we are dedicated in our mission to be diverse and inclusive across Trowers and clear of the value this brings to our firm.

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