How can we help you?

Investing in relationships – understanding what matters to our clients and what makes each of them unique means we use our private wealth expertise to their advantage.

We work with a wide range of wealthy families, individuals and family offices and those in the private wealth advisory sector. Each is unique, with their own diverse range of interests and assets. What they all share is the need for practical advice to enable them to plan for the future and tackle arising challenges. From liquid assets and investments to businesses and real estate – they look to us for leading legal knowhow, sound practical and commercial advice and our intrinsic understanding of how families function.

Inheritance is an important issue everywhere in the world and laws and conventions vary. What is consistent is our experience of our clients’ needs. We use that to help them pass wealth on in a fair and efficient way at the right time for them.

Wealth managers, banks and other institutions turn to us for specialist help on tax planning issues. Experts in regulatory law, we help them navigate the complex laws that govern duties of trustees.

Why choose our Private Wealth lawyers?

Our Private Wealth lawyers, including our team in the Middle East region, work with the many other legal specialisms in the firm to provide rounded advice on personal asset holding and structuring, tax and the commercial issues in the UK and internationally.

Whether our clients have inherited wealth or are themselves the creators of wealth we aim to help them to preserve and pass this on efficiently and securely to the next generation. We are also known for our deep expertise in working with clients with significant land and agricultural interests.

In the Middle East and generally across our many internationally connected networks we are known for giving help and reassurance to clients new to UK law. Our firm has been working in the Middle East since the 1950s. Our first offices there were established over three decades ago; we have lawyers permanently based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Oman. Fluent in Islamic law, we are experienced in helping clients find ways to hold and pass on their wealth successfully without dissipating it. From our base in the Gulf, we also provide clients secure and trusted legal guidance when they look to invest in UK assets, especially property and businesses.

In brief

  • Clients first – investment in a long term relationship understanding your needs
  • Innovative and holistic solutions – clear practical advice encompassing all legal specialisms in the firm to provide rounded advice on personal asset holding and structuring, tax as well as the full range of commercial issues which face our clients
  • One team approach – wherever you are based, our expertise across our offices throughout the UK, Middle East and Asia
  • Experienced in managing conflicts – experienced negotiators and alternative dispute