How can we help you?

Family wealth at all levels needs to be efficiently organised for good management, tax efficiency and future planning. From the very complex international family to the sole trader, our experienced lawyers who apply and most importantly use sound and tested legal principles to hold and protect assets yet ensure compatibility with each individual family's ethos. 

It is about experience of complexities and unique and often personal nature of family businesses. Our full legal service draws on the expertise of our wider corporate and commercial business and tax lawyers, to meet the complete personal and personal legal needs of clients including family, tax and trusts dispute resolution.

In advising international families planning and decision making, we aim to stress test challenges whether from within the family or HMRC. This may include restructuring holdings of businesses or property assets during the lifetimes of senior members, clarifying share rights, setting up family agreements or the creation of fresh segregated "pots" for holding assets for different family members. Confidentiality and asset protection require careful planning - we see it as essential for relevant planning to achieve the right balance between family members and to make effective plans well in advance of whatever events overtake them.

The team also carries our forensic analysis, not only in advance of litigation, but in the preparation of disclosure exercises prior to refinancing or on sale of business.

In brief

  • Expert advice on how to protect famility assets, maintain senior involvement and plan seamless transfer of assets to the next generation
  • Strong governance for family businesses, trusteeship, family asset protection and geographic spread
  • Pre and post nups coupled with generational trust
  • Tax efficiency including internationally; and Shari'a acceptability