How can we help you?

The tax landscape is constantly changing, with an ever-increasing emphasis on businesses, organisations and individuals to understand legislation and fulfill obligations. Our team of tax law experts will help you to plot a course that is both compliant and efficient.

Tax structures and strategies that worked in the past are often no longer relevant or appropriate now. And attitudes to tax have evolved too. Ensuring you meet your tax commitments is an important legal duty but there are also now political and moral dynamics involved when tax structuring which did not previously exist. We work with clients across international tax jurisdictions, helping them to understand their tax liabilities and fulfill their obligations.

Why choose our tax lawyers?

The majority of our work is focused on transactions. We work with specialists across the broad expertise of our firm, together helping clients to make the most of opportunities safely and securely. Working seamlessly is an important part of the Trowers’ culture – our mission is to help you, and our colleagues, quickly and simply understand the complex and uncertain tax issues you face.

And because of the unique way that lawyers collaborate at Trowers, you can be sure that as Tax Law specialists, we also have a sound and broad understanding of your organisation, sector and the commercial challenges you face. Tax is getting more and more complex – we invest a lot of time keeping up with change and understanding what it means for our clients – translating the tax law into your everyday lives as businesses and organisations.

We are proudest when we’ve made a tangible difference – helping you claim reliefs that you did not realise you were entitled to, simplifying a complex piece of legislation, preventing an unexpected tax cost, or helping you to get ahead and mitigate your future tax exposure.

In brief

  • Tax advice and expertise supporting every part of our firm.
  • A team of experts working seamlessly across Trowers.
  • Investing in understanding the shifting tax environment and translating this for our clients.
  • Helping you deliver on obligations responsibly and economically.
  • Specialists in both domestic and cross-border tax.