How can we help you?

Whatever your requirement, we can help you navigate the world of real estate with sound commercial advice, broad insight and unique expertise. Our understanding of the entire picture of the built environment in the UK and Middle East informs all the real estate services we provide.

From urban regeneration to major infrastructure projects, and from investment and asset management to planning, development, finance and construction – we work with our clients to build better environments and businesses. Fascinated by the future of towns and cities - especially the point where commerce, communities and culture intersect – we have built a singular expertise in a blend of public and private real estate that we call the real economy.

With strategic locations across the UK, the Middle East and Malaysia, and a key relationship with the Interlaw network that covers much of the globe, our perspective is broad and diverse. As a client, you can access this valuable knowledge wherever you call home. And wherever you are in the world you can be sure that you have our entire real estate expertise at your fingertips.

Why choose our real estate lawyers?

As a top 20 real estate law firm acknowledged for the breadth of our practice, we can help you to deliver large, complex deals ranging from major commercial acquisitions to substantial regeneration initiatives, luxury leisure and retail premises and private and social housing. And whether you are a developer, work in local or central government, or are a regulator, financier or occupant, we have valuable experience from all sides of the negotiation table.

From accessing investment in the city of London to connecting business with municipality in Abu Dhabi and individuals with communities across the UK. We are convinced of the built environment’s role as a cornerstone of society and are working alongside clients and industry leaders to pioneer the future of real estate.

In brief

  • Extensive experience across all types of residential and commercial real estate
  • Experts in regeneration schemes that create thousands of jobs, homes and vital infrastructure
  • Working with construction innovators to deliver better, cheaper, cleaner buildings
  • Advising on finance and investment across the real estate sector
  • A market leader in the affordable housing sector