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The recent and ongoing changes to the Electronic Communications Code make two things clear: the roll out of 5G will continue apace and the hands of the operators will be strengthened in order to facilitate this.

Digital connectivity is a critical part of modern life, allowing the digital infrastructure of the UK to grow and improve. The support of landowners is key to this delivery. We understand the telecommunications sector and work with landowners to ensure that their interests are protected.

We provide expert telecommunications legal advice to landowners from both the private and public sectors in relation to: telecoms lease renewals, requests for multi-site visits, wayleaves, telecoms green field and roof top leases, framework agreements for small cell telecoms equipment on street furniture and proceedings under the Code lodged by telecoms operators in relation to all of these areas. 
We have prepared a suite of precedent agreements in collaboration with landowner clients and have proof of concept that the main operators will accept these, rather than insisting upon their own form of agreements. This is ultimately cost effective for both parties, as it speeds up the process, fosters greater trust and collaboration between landowner and operator and so also achieves the desired common goal; improved connectivity for the relevant area. 

We also have a network of specialist telecoms surveyors, barristers chambers and valuation experts with whom we work on a regular basis and can recommend to you.