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Capital is at the core of any business – especially if this has been created and held by private individuals and families. Whilst circumstances are unique to the individual or family, legal issues tend to follow certain themes.  Creators and owners of wealth want their capital to work for them, but also to be protected – for long term; against attack whether in disputes or from third party risks and to be used as tax efficiently as possible. Most importantly, for many, it is how valued businesses and hard earned wealth will be passed to successive generations at the right time and as efficiently as possible.

Our team advises family owners on their business, investments and personal wealth strategies. Our expertise covers assessing (business) holding structures, stress testing them for legal robustness, tax and intended purposes, reviewing how ownership is held and how it can be improved for protection against attack from successive generations, from the divorce courts and from third party risks.

Invested assets need to be maintained and regularly checked; planning for the long term needs careful, strategic support from the best possible advisers. We enable individuals and families to put the right mechanism in place for the long term including the checks and balances for monitoring if their advisers are performing and to enable changes that become needed over time. Flexibility may be included when an individual or family no longer wish or are able to oversee their own interests.

Whether using a Will or a Trust (including creating a Trust in a Will), putting in place Letters of Wishes and Lasting Powers of Attorney, the right advice, periodic review and a structure for long term stability are essential for the sound long lasting management of personal and family wealth.

In brief

  • Advising on business, investments and personal wealth strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Wills
  • Trusts