How can we help you?

Many individuals make charitable donations to causes close to their hearts and through the use of charitable legacies in Wills. So if you are looking to make a difference or even set up your own charity – we can help you with this.

Our team will assist you to organise your charitable giving, including in the drafting of your Will, on the effective use of charitable gifts to mitigate Inheritance Tax and to conform to your patterns of lifetime donating.

Where you wish to have greater decision making powers and involvement in how charitable funds are used, we will advise on the creation and registration of your own charity.

In brief 

  • We can provide a comprehensive review of your personal estate
  •  Maximising and making use of IHT exemptions, reliefs and tax reducers, including Gift Aid, charitable giving through payroll and Social Investment Tax Reliefs
  • IHT advice and the implications of charitable giving
  • Advice on and the creation of underlying charitable documents
  • Registration of your own charity with the Charity Commission
  • Advice on the future running and governance of your charity