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The delivery of much needed housing at pace and scale relies upon the provision of supporting infrastructure as well as secure funding lines.  The cost of housing provision and associated infrastructure - well known to developers, house builders, housing associations and local authorities - can limit ambition and frustrate the pace of development.

The availability of public funding for infrastructure and housing offers a vital tool to unlocking and accelerating the supply of the nation's homes - whether by plugging a financial gap on a site or by providing early strategic investment to stimulate activity and build market confidence. Our specialist team offers guidance and support on getting that funding into projects and getting homes built.

Access to public funding can make the difference between a viable and unviable development. You should consider what funding streams are available and which will work for you; what are their terms; can they be aggregated with other funding lines; are they supporting capital or revenue expenditure and are there any “catches” to be aware of? Having worked with the public bodies responsible for housing and infrastructure funding for more than a decade, we can provide swift and authoritative answers to these questions helping you lever in public finance to support your development and drive up housing delivery.

If you are a public body given responsibility for using infrastructure or housing funds to boost housing delivery within short time frames, the pressure to deliver can be immense. As experts in this area, we can help you devise and implement the development and infrastructure funding programmes necessary to deliver on the fund’s objectives, by advising on the procurement and state aid treatment of the different funding types; assessing vires implications for the funding authority and those of public sector recipients; drafting template or bespoke development finance and security documentation or grant funding agreements and negotiating them with counter parties to ensure that resulting development can be unlocked or accelerated.

Acting for those seeking public finance and for those dispersing it, we speak the language of both and use our experience to reach agreements that both protect public funds and allow you to deliver housing in a commercially viable way.

In brief

  • Dedicated and specialist housing infrastructure funding team
  • Maximising private and public sector collaboration
  • A leader in the housing and development finance fields
  • Hands on and client driven

Tonia Secker

Partner, Head of Affordable Housing


Tonia Secker