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Collaboration and partnership is the key to success. We have a significant track record in advising on real estate based joint ventures which can unlock affordable housing delivery.

Our diverse practice base, spanning both the public and private sectors, gives us a unique insight to how two or more organisations can come together to enhance their delivery.

We have experience in creating joint ventures that bring together developers, housing associations, the GLA/Homes England, local authorities and investors in a range of joint venture models. Our experience in working with all these clients individually allows us to understand their ambitions, any legal restrictions or limitations on what they can sign up to and policy drivers.

Joint ventures can take many forms. From an alliance, or agreement to cooperate, formal frameworks and contractual joint ventures, to separate corporate vehicles. The choice of delivery model should be closely linked to the parties’ objectives: a decision to enter into partnership does not necessarily mean establishing a corporate joint venture, as parties can often achieve their aims with a less formal framework. With our experience in acting for a wide range of organisations, we can help inform client's decisions on suitable models, and what the commercial issues arising from the selected structure might be. We work with our clients to help them to understand the key drivers for the transaction, balancing the demands of the various partners and helping identify possible solutions.

We act for all those in the real estate sector and wanting to work in partnership. We have been privileged to be involved in exciting and innovative projects nationwide, some of which, particularly on the public private interface, are breaking new ground and bringing to the fore new ways of different sectors working together.

Our joint venture teams draw on our experts from across the real estate practice, encompassing specialists in corporate, property, procurement, construction, tax, finance and charity law, as required to help our clients deliver their transactions. We combined these multi-disciplinary teams with strong project management and market awareness to deliver advice in a commercial and solution focussed way; assisting our clients deliver on the opportunities that arise.

In brief

  • Extensive experience across all models of real estate based joint ventures
  • Real experience working with a broad range of partners
  • Experts in the public private interface
  • Multi-disciplinary advice, delivered with a solution focussed approach
  • Leaders in affordable housing innovation