How can we help you?

In light of the ever-evolving social and political landscape in the areas of mental health and learning disabilities, our specialist team understands that it is paramount to stay ahead of the curve so we can share expertise and deliver advice that is carefully tailored to your business needs and objectives.

Year on year these services have been high on political agendas across the board and there is a consistent drive to make them as accessible and affordable as possible. Owing to this acute public attention, now more than ever these services are being scrutinised heavily by commissioners, regulators and service users themselves.

Our teams specialising in acquisitions and investments, employment, pensions, regulatory and compliance, governance and data protection will work closely with you and help you navigate through the sector-specific requirements to ensure that the services provided are run effectively and safely at the same time as meeting your business objectives.

We understand the challenges faced by those operating in this sector and support a breadth of clients, from local authorities and commissioning bodies to independent providers and anyone in-between. Whether you need advice about your regulatory requirements, restructuring of your business or are hoping to grow and expand, we can help you every step of the way.

We are proud of our extensive expertise in this sector which enables us to provide clear, in-depth legal advice to our clients. Although our client base continues to expand, we are always certain to identify developments in this sector which may impact on our existing clients.

In brief

  • Advising on investments, acquisitions and governance of businesses in the mental health and learning disability sector
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience of the challenges of businesses operating in this arena
  • Specialists with expertise about sector-specific regulatory requirements
  • Tailored advice to your business objectives