How can we help you?

The supported and sheltered housing market is as diverse as it is important, covering both older people and working age adults with disabilities and meeting a wide range of needs in community settings. It has become an asset class in its own right with a significant level of REIT and other investor activity in recent years. The commercial and regulatory overlay is complex and requires expert advisers across a wide range of skillsets to build, acquire or manage services effectively.

To meet your needs our team brings together the full range of legal services within a core team who really understand the operational requirements for all of the constituent parts making up a great service. The physical environment must come together with the service delivery around both the housing and care and support elements in a seamless way, often with multiple providers working in partnership. Each must understand its role, properly identify and mitigate risk and work within the legal and regulatory frameworks that underpin its part of the overall model.

We have extensive experience advising for- and not-for-profit businesses on buying, building and managing services in this sector, whichever role they fill. Our cross-sector contacts in the NHS and throughout the health and social care sector alongside our real estate, social housing and local authority focuses allow us insight into the sector that few can rival. From real estate, planning and development through to delivery contracts, staff management, governance and all other aspects of operation, we can help - whether it's a sheltered older person's housing scheme, a Transforming Care focussed service or a step-down facility or hostel.

Our team has a detailed understanding of the CQC and all the other all the other regulatory frameworks applicable to the provision of care in supported housing, such as mental capacity, welfare benefits, consumer rights, equality and human rights. While this should be a given for any legal adviser, our approach is to ensure that this knowledge is applied across all aspects of your business, whether we are working in an advisory role or on a specific transaction, meaning you see the benefit of our wealth of experience in everything you do.

In brief

  • Advise for and not for profit providers, care providers, investors, developers, funders and commissioners 
  • Significant experience in buying and building new facilities, 
  • We cover the full range of operational issues faced by providers of both housing and care and support services 
  • Strong links to the Transforming Care Programme, retirement housing/extracare, domiciliary care and other interrelated sectors