How can we help you?

In this fast paced world to be ready for the future of work, businesses need to be nimble. This can mean that you may have to reorganise or restructure.  Making changes that impact on your people, particularly if it is to their detriment, can be challenging.

We understand your commercial drivers and challenges and will guide you through this process, helping you balance any risks against the ultimate benefits of the changes proposed.

We can also help you with redundancies and strategic planning, board level issues and workforce planning even if the verdict goes to employment tribunal.

We can assist you with, strategic planning, including preparing a robust business case; equality impact assessments; people planning, including reorganising or restructuring your business; consultation, be it informal or formal; changing terms and conditions of employment, including pensions; and board level issues and disputes.

In brief

  • Supporting you making difficult decisions
  • Reducing the level of risk management
  • Helping with strategic people planning