How can we help you?

If you are finding tasks are often left behind as you focus on front end delivery, income generating and other activity – outsourcing may be an option for you. We are able to provide a legal audit to identify where gaps may exist and ensure you are operating optimally. Outsourcing can often be the ideal solution for SME's, owner managed businesses, entrepreneurs and companies scaling-up activity.

Outsourcing certain operations requires a careful balancing act. Benefits of outsourcing include full access to a wider pool of expertise and sectors (that you don’t have in-house), flexible staffing and quick turnaround times when you need services – leaving you to focus on other areas to grow your business. 

Our experience of working with companies across diverse sectors, funding and business life stages has allowed us to create key documentation we know you need to run your business.

By working together, we are alive to every aspect and change in your business, and over time we develop more comprehensive understanding of what you need. In the eventuality of key employees leaving your business - we retain that knowledge. 

Our key outsourcing packages include a variety of commercial contracts; sector specific outsourcing arrangements and consultancy and agency agreements.

We are also able to offer an outsourcing the company secretary suite which includes a full suite of legal services and supporting your day-to-day business and operations (similar to that of an in-house legal counsel role). This includes monthly collation and analysis of the instructions and work streams we receive, so that we can report back to you and highlight patterns that emerge in your business.

For growth companies, we have a standard package of documents (which can be tailored) specifically targeted at businesses looking to scale up and grow.

In brief

  • Ideal for SME's, owner managed businesses, entrepreneurs and growth companies
  • Knowledge and understanding of diverse sectors, funding and business life stages
  • A suite of standard corporate policies and procedures (e.g. data, whistleblowing and anti-bribery)
  • Outsourcing the company secretary suite
  • Special start-up / scale up packages