How can we help you?

We can help you ensure that you are fit for the future with your approach to TUPE.  We offer a commercial and pragmatic approach to TUPE which reflects our wealth of experience in advising on this subject.

TUPE is our specialist subject. At any one time we are advising on at least 20 transfers and have provided support on more than 1,350 transfers and related TUPE issues. We are all interested in TUPE; members of the team contribute to three text books on TUPE, and we regularly write and speak about TUPE.

Do you get the impression there is only one approach to TUPE? Do you know how to take advantage of recent case-law? We can use creative solutions to TUPE challenges to give a better outcome for your business.

We will listen to your needs and have a proven track record as market leaders in advising on all aspects of TUPE. Our team has the expertise to deal with all your TUPE concerns; our advice will always be practical. Our TUPE advice covers, working with you to develop a TUPE strategy; strategic advice on bids and planning the process; pre-transfer consultation and tactics on disclosure; ensuring that consultation obligations with staff and appropriate representatives are met; implementing post-transfer redundancies and changes to terms and conditions of employment; pensions, contractual terms and collective agreements; practical training for your colleagues on all issues relating to TUPE.

As part of our TUPE Toolkit we offer a variety of different services at fixed fees to help you negotiate this complicated area effectively.

In brief

  • Recognised as TUPE market leaders
  • Experienced and agree a commercial and pragmatic approach to TUPE
  • Offering a variety of different services at fixed fees