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Some see construction as an industry simply about bricks and mortar; we see it differently...

The construction industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. With the economic and political climate experiencing once-in-a-generation changes, we understand that this presents the construction sector not only with extraordinary challenges, but also opportunities.

We have been leading the conversation around modern methods of construction and especially modular for a number of years. We regularly host round table discussions with a number of leading industry players across the UK, produce reports on the issues facing modular construction and best practice, and contribute to a number of central government reports and working groups. We work with our clients and the industry more generally to develop new approaches to utilising modern methods of construction including developments in project procurement and the contract forms that govern them.

We are currently advising clients across a number of sectors, including housing, student and hotel and leisure, to deliver bespoke modular and off-site solutions; drafting manufacturing and construction contracts, appointments and supply agreements that integrate such methods into the fabric of the terms and conditions rather than as a simple "bolt-on" to a traditional contract structure. We understand that disruptors face challenges from planners, funders, insurers and investors but our broad client base means that we truly understand the motivations of each of these interested parties and are uniquely placed to deliver solutions that work for everyone.

In brief

  • Extensive experience in the delivery of off-site and modular developments, in particular in the private residential, affordable housing, student accommodation and hotel sectors
  • Active participants in government and industry body working groups including the Housing Forum working group on modern methods of construction and the Ministry if Housing Working Group on modern methods of construction and warranty issues.
  • Our unparalleled thought leadership initiative means that we are in-step with the leading industry players to develop the conversation around modern methods of construction
  • We have a broad range of clients and an understanding of each stakeholder's motivations and challenges
  • Hands on partner led service