How can we help you?

Alliancing and partnering and use of frameworks can improve the delivery of construction and infrastructure projects. We have formulated and implemented the contracts and processes which have been proven to create efficiencies and savings.

Contractual arrangements for construction and infrastructure projects can have a real impact on project outcomes. Our core business is to ensure that we positively contribute to project and programme success by aligning commercial incentivisation with risk allocation and by introducing contractual processes that promote well-run projects. 

Collaborative construction and infrastructure procurement comprises a set of processes which support team selection and team integration and offers a fresh approach to legal and cultural issues within the construction sector which could otherwise reduce efficiency and waste valuable resources 

Our work includes projects which have been audited by central Government and have shown discernible efficiencies and savings derived from the positive contractual arrangements. We have been at the forefront of best practice in creating flexible frameworks to deliver major public works and services programmes as well as private sector supply chains which has culminated in the drafting of the first standard form multi-party framework agreement, FAC-1, published by the Association of Consultant Architects in conjunction with King's College London.

We also advise on the procurement and implementation of strategic and long-term relationships that seek to promote joint risk management and avoid the deficit in information that leads to failures and disputes. Our procurement experience means we can support you from the early stages of planning and soft market testing through to selection and delivery. Strategic alliancing allows parties to each invest in long-term relationships and programmes to monitor and improve efficiency over time. Alliancing can also be used to set up the shared governance platform upon which can be built the sharing of risks and rewards.  

We have built an extensive knowledge of what makes a strategic alliance successful. Our contracts are manageable and not over-complicated to ensure that your team and suppliers work efficiently and add value for you.

In brief

  • Unparalleled experience of drafting and implementing partnering and alliancing contracts and frameworks in UK construction and infrastructure projects
  •  Wrote the PPC2000, TPC2005, and the basis of the FAC-1 forms of partnering and alliancing contracts
  • Advised on the formulation of contractual arrangements for the exemplar projects trialling the Government's Construction Strategy on alliancing
  • Advise on the NEC suite of contracts to ensure clear and manageable relationships including advising on disputes from which we have clear lessons on best practice 
  • Create contractual arrangements and processes that have been proven to create efficiencies and savings
  • Use alliancing and partnering as key tools to better implement BIM and modular construction