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We’re delighted to introduce our summer of inclusivity on Trowers Tuesday! As part of our commitment to helping you be an Employer of the Future, we have taken an in-depth look at inclusion and meaningful ways to support your employees as individuals. We welcomed some fantastic guest speakers and shared tips on creating an environment where your employees feel seen, heard and valued across a range of important topics.

Helping employees through the menopause

For our first session, guest speakers, Laura Neale from Wellbeing Of Women, and Barbara Claypole, a menopause advocate and author, joined us to discuss the menopause and how businesses can help their employees. Menopause awareness is rightly gaining prominence in both the media and employment tribunals. We offered guidance on how to normalise conversations about menopause in the workplace, offered practical support to those experiencing symptoms and create a positive and inclusive culture around this important topic. 

Creating a family friendly culture

For this session of our Summer of inclusivity series, we were joined by Meeta Sahni from The Maine Group, to discuss family friendly culture in the workplace. The pressures faced by working parents (and would-be parents) in today's society can be overwhelming. We shared tips on how to create an environment that supports employees at every stage of their family journey and has inclusivity at the heart of day to day policies and procedures.

Understanding disability and reasonable adjustments

For this session, Amy McClure from Texthelp, joined us to discuss disability and reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Many employers are worried about managing disability issues in the workplace due to fear of getting things wrong. They discussed ways to open up the dialogue, approach making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees with confidence and break down taboos to advance disability inclusion.

Developing an age-inclusive people strategy

Penny Robinson from The Together Trust and Debbie Caswell from The Talent Crowd, joined our speakers to discuss age-inclusivity in the workplace. With staff and skills in short supply, it's never been more important for employers to be able to attract and retain a wide-range of talent. We explored how age-inclusivity can help and how modern workplaces can compete by nurturing and developing employees at different times in their lives, with differing needs and priorities.

Supporting transgender rights in the workplace

For this session we were joined by Luke Williams, who is Chair of the Law Society LGBT+ Lawyers Division, to discuss transgender rights in the workplace. Whilst understanding of trans rights in the workplace is developing, many employees still face discrimination and prejudice. We looked at ways to offer meaningful support, embed an inclusive culture around trans rights and ensure that employees feel valued and respected in the working environment.


You can download our full Employer of the Future report here.

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