How can we help you?

We advise on a wide range of water projects with a particular expertise in the Middle East.  Our experience includes desalination projects (both standalone and associated with power plants), wastewater projects, sewerage and water pipelines. We act for private sector developers, government entities and consultants active in the sector – providing specialist expertise in areas including environmental law, corporate law and finance.

We have been involved in water projects in the Middle East since private sector investment in desalination commenced in the late 1980's.  Since then we have advised on multi-billion dollar desalination plants, pipelines and wastewater projects. 

With the growth of reverse osmosis as the technology of choice, we have advised on standalone IWPs which this more efficient technology permits.  We understand the nature of private sector developed projects and the issues that are likely to be of concern and interest for both the government and the private sector within such partnerships. In addition to our experience around the development, construction and operation of water projects, we are also very familiar with the financing of these projects, including using Islamic finance and ECAs, along with issues around fund formation for water projects.

We have wide experience of developing wastewater projects using PPP structures.  We apply the knowledge and experience gained from our UK PPP practice to ensure that these projects are developed as efficiently as possible. As part of our wider utilities practice, we also advise on long-term multi-utility concessions which include potable water, irrigation water and wastewater treatment.

Our UK experience includes advice on water connections and adoption arrangements, including negotiations with incumbent water companies and inset companies as part of wider development deals.

 In brief

  • Experience in relation to reverse osmosis and multistage flash desalination
  • Extensive experience of project financed structures in relation to desalination, wastewater and sewerage projects
  • Experience of IWPPs and standalone IWPs
  • We advise on multi-utilities concessions which include potable water, irrigation water and wastewater treatment
  • We advise on water connections and adoption arrangements in the UK market