How can we help you?

The law requires us in most cases to ask for evidence of identity.

We are subject to Money Laundering Regulations and as such we undertake a variety of checks to ‘verify’ our clients. Whilst we endeavour to keep these to a minimum, there will be occasions where we are required to request personal documents such as Passports, Residence Cards, Driving Licences and/or utility bills. In such circumstances we will discuss those requirements with you as soon as possible.

Our confidentiality obligations are subject to a statutory exception: recent legislation on money laundering and terrorist financing has placed solicitors under a legal duty in certain circumstances to disclose information to the National Crime Agency. Where a solicitor knows or suspects that a transaction on behalf of a client involves money laundering or terrorist financing, the solicitor may be required to make a money laundering disclosure. If, while we are acting for you, it becomes necessary to make a money laundering disclosure, we may not be able to inform you that a disclosure has been made or of the reasons for it because the law prohibits 'tipping-off'. Where the law permits us, we will tell you about any potential money laundering problem and explain what action may need to be taken.