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In this series of webinars we cover all things Data, from cookies, getting to grips with the basics, to regulation and enforcement and so much more.

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Spotlight on the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill - what do the reforms mean for your business?

During our first Q&A webinar, we put the spotlight on the proposed reform of the data protection landscape through the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, with an overview of the opportunities it brings and the key issues to look out for.

Spotlight on privacy management programmes – how should you work with the new risks-based approach?

For our next Q&A webinar on 2 November, Riccardo Abbate was joined by Kasia Reda and Stephanie Taylor to discuss privacy management programmes and what this means for businesses in practice. 

Spotlight on contractual arrangements and international data transfers – where are we now?  

This week Victoria Robertson, Louis Sebastian and Chris Doherty from our Corporate Commercial Team talked about how data protection law influences and impacts upon your contracts and the importance of data protection by design not default.

Spotlight on regulatory and enforcement updates – where do your risks lie?

Our next Q&A webinar in the series considered the regulatory and enforcement landscape in relation to data protection and cyber risks. We looked at what we can learn from how the Information Commissioner's Office uses its regulatory powers, including when it issues Monetary Penalty Notices, and what the future holds for court claims for breaches of the data protection legislation.

Spotlight on DSARS and data subject rights

During this webinar, John Turnbull and Charlotte Clayson gave an expert overview of DSARs and the essential information for employers. Kelly Hendley also joined our panel. Kelly is the Head of Data Protection and Information Security at Morrisons. Kelly shared her industry experiences of engaging with DSARs, providing helpful insights, organisational challenges and practical learning.

Spotlight on Data and Communication

This webinar considered the legal and regulatory issues in electronic communications, covering marketing emails, cookies and other tech matters including cyber security and ransomware. Our data team helped you understand how electronic communications are regulated, and what you need to be aware of from a data privacy point of view when sending electronic communications. We also looked at cyber-security and governance, including the legal framework relating to ransomware attacks.