How can we help you?

This week was the beginning of our Summer of Inclusivity, where we’ll be taking an in-depth look at inclusion and meaningful ways to support your employees as individuals. 

In this session, Danielle Ingham, Imogen Reseigh, Rebecca McGuirk and our guest speakers, Laura Neale from Wellbeing Of Women, and Barbara Claypole, a menopause advocate and author, discussed and answered your questions on the menopause and how businesses can help their employees. 

Menopause awareness is rightly gaining prominence in both the media and employment tribunals. We offered guidance on how to normalise conversations about menopause in the workplace, offered practical support to those experiencing symptoms and create a positive and inclusive culture around this important topic. 

Please click here for the workplace menopause pledge. 

This Q&As webinar session was recorded and can be viewed here: