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The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change on the future of work. Hybrid working is now here to stay, and we predict employers will increasingly choose to take a flexible approach to office workers.

What the pandemic has shown us is that one size will not fit all, and that ways of working need to balance the multiple needs of employers, employees and the customer or client base that they serve.

Agile working may be here to stay, but careful thought still needs to be given to its implementation. Our employment team advises organisations on their move to agile working and we can help you with your agile working arrangements. 

Our regular client surveys show that as a result of this new agile working arrangement, employers are looking at new property arrangements, many employers giving up office space, and reconfiguring existing working spaces.  All of us appear to be investing more in tech.  

We have the legal expertise to support all of these changes.

Access a range of resources below to help you successfully implement an agile working future.