How can we help you?

The global litigation funding market has developed significantly over the last ten years. The number of international players has increased as investors are looking to diversify their asset class to litigation funding. There are many sources that indicate that the funding market is set to double, internationally, in the next five years. 

Our team has extensive experience of litigation funding in the UK and internationally. We assist clients in both the private and public sectors to obtain litigation funding for complex, high value claims. Most of these cases are cross jurisdictional in nature.

We have advised many clients on the benefits and risks of litigation funding in relation to their particular circumstances and negotiated funding arrangements that best suit our clients' needs.

Our work with funders covers a wide spectrum of disputes including various causes of action from breach of trust to fraudulent misappropriation; class action relating to data breaches, construction disputes, breaches of trust claims, group actions and a wide variety of commercial fraud cases.

The litigation funding market remains largely unregulated. In the UK, the main funders are members of the Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales who have a voluntary code of conduct and self-regulate.

We have a long standing relationship with the Association in the UK, and with funders within the Association. We have also worked and continue to work with funders in other jurisdictions including the USA, Australia and the Middle East.

In brief

  • Established track record working with the private and public sectors to obtain litigation funding for complex and high value claims
  • Tried and tested experience of working with funders in more than one jurisdiction including the USA, Australia and the Middle East
  • Covering a wide spectrum of disputes across industry sectors