How can we help you?

We understand that the ever evolving cyber landscape poses a significant threat to businesses of all sizes. 

Cyber-crime has taken on new dimensions, with ransomware becoming a tool accessible even to unsophisticated criminals. The commodification of ransomware is on the rise, as hackers sell their services, taking a percentage of the ransoms paid. Small businesses are not immune to cyber-attacks, as criminals exploit vulnerabilities to exert control and apply pressure, often targeting them precisely because of their limited resources for robust cybersecurity.

Phishing scams have grown increasingly sophisticated, with CEO's and Directors becoming prime targets after weeks of information gathering from their online activities. Threats can also originate from within your organisation, whether through accidental data breaches by employees or the malicious actions of disgruntled ex-employees. In any of these scenarios, you need experienced support on your side.

Why choose our cyber lawyers?

Our team of experts provide comprehensive support for all your cyber security needs, encompassing risk management, advisory services, incident response, and post-incident dispute resolution.

We proactively collaborate with you to establish a robust cyber breach response plan, ensuring that your business is well-prepared to face any cyber security incident.

In the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack, we work alongside you to minimise the impact. We understand that the costs associated with data breaches and cyber-crimes go beyond just numbers. Regulatory penalties, damage to reputation, business disruption, lost trade, and internal investigations can have profound consequences. We are equipped to handle claims from third parties, managed by our team of specialists.

Our extensive experience spans various sectors, and we have cultivated strong relationships with trusted third parties capable of providing technical support. We are pleased to provide our clients with a holistic risk management offering, CyberSecure 360 working with CyberQ Group to provide a range of services to enhance your cyber resilience including penetration testing, dark web monitoring, and incident response planning to identify potential vulnerabilities in your business.

Our cyber law services

Before a cyber incident

Our services encompass a wide range of risk management strategies, including:

  • Advising on strategies to minimise key commercial, financial, regulatory, and legal risks.
  • Reviewing policies, procedures, and information governance to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborating with IT specialists to assess internal safeguards and capabilities.
  • Offering advice on sector-specific issues, best practices, and the formulation of effective breach response plans.
  • Assisting with policy rollout, providing training, and crafting internal communications.
  • Working closely with your teams to implement breach response plans to protect data and mitigate key business risks.

After a cyber incident

Our breach response services include:

  • Assisting with internal investigations, quickly gathering evidence and conducting in-depth investigations when issues arise.
  • Engaging and liaising with forensic IT experts, consultants, PR and communications teams, and legal advisors in other jurisdictions.
  • Advising on strategies for, and notifications to, regulators, individuals, and stakeholders.
  • Seeking urgent injunctive relief to protect misappropriated money, assets, IP, and confidential information from being dissipated or misused.
  • Advising on potential losses and options for recovery.
  • Providing follow-up recommendations and training.

How we have helped organisations

Our track record includes assisting clients in various cyber-related cases, including:

  • Advising on the civil and criminal implications of ransomware payments and developing action plans in response to ransom demands.
  • Conducting policy reviews for global companies to ensure compliance with data protection laws.
  • Providing strategic advice post-cyber-attack on legal risks and resulting litigation.
  • Defending claims arising from data mishandling and security breaches.
  • Acting for local authorities in responding to data breaches involving sensitive information.
  • Handling investigations and legal proceedings related to data protection breaches.
  • Assisting clients spanning a range of sectors who have been impacted by cyber-attacks and subsequent legal action.
  • Leading independent whistleblowing investigations related to data protection breaches.
  • Investigating and proving malware involvement in financial losses.
  • Undertaking comprehensive contract audits.
  • Assisting victims of authorised push payment fraud, including FOS complaints and cyber insurance claims.

We are committed to helping you navigate through every stage of the cyber lifecycle. Our team of cyber law experts are available to discuss your cyber plans and how we can support you.