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In today's dynamic digital landscape, protecting your business against cyber risk and threats is a top priority. Delivered by Trowers & Hamlins and CyberQ Group, CyberSecure 360 provides you with expert guidance and comprehensive services designed to strengthen your business against ever-evolving cyber risk. 

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Our comprehensive approach to cyber risk mitigation

CyberSecure 360 combines technology and legal expertise to provide you with a holistic approach to cyber risk management. Our services cover everything from pre-breach cyber risk preparedness to post-attack assistance, allowing your business to thrive securely.

Why choose CyberSecure 360?

Our mission is simple: to safeguard your organisation at every step of the cyber risk journey, allowing you to focus on running your business without worrying about safeguarding your digital assets. We provide unwavering assurance with our cyber risk mitigation services to protect against cyber threats and the ability to combat any cyber incident effectively. 

Pre-Breach - Cyber Readiness Review

Our cyber risk mitigation pre-breach services focus on preparing your organisation for potential cyber threats. We work closely with you to identify and resolve vulnerabilities to enhance your cyber resilience.

  • Penetration testing: we conduct thorough assessments of your internal safeguards and capabilities.
  • Cyber policy and procedure evaluation: ensure the sufficiency of existing cyber policies and procedures, including advising on cyber insurance and risk assessments.
  • Incident response documentation review: review your existing incident response documents for compliance with regulations and laws.
  • Communication planning: prepare a communication plan for employees, customers, and stakeholders in the event of a cyber incident.

We offer flexible services tailored to your specific cyber risk needs, including customised training for board and staff members in cyber risk management and breach response. 

Breach response - war room assistance

In the unfortunate event of a data breach or cyber-attack, our team remains on high alert 24/7. Cyber incidents can disrupt your business, result in trade losses, and trigger internal investigations. Our rapid response includes:

  • Assessment: quickly assessing the scale and impact of the attack and any data breaches.
  • Data recovery: taking steps to recover stolen data and restore compromised systems.
  • Dark web monitoring: scanning the dark web and deep web to check for data leaks.
  • Regulatory compliance: advising on the information required by regulatory bodies within the 72-hour reporting window.
  • Third-party claims: managing third-party claims to minimise losses in line with your commercial goals.
  • Post-incident evaluation: collaborating with you to analyse lessons learned and identify potential improvements for strengthening your organisation's cybersecurity systems.

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With our unique cyber risk management services, you can embark on your cyber journey with confidence. 

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