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Income generation and smart investments are one of the key drivers of change in the public sector - these range from lending money to private sector entities who are struggling to obtain the necessary funding in the conventional lending markets, using subsidy to unlock the delivery of development sites or facilitate the delivery of infrastructure and utilising assets to generate income and return on investment.

We have a wealth of expertise in setting up structures to deliver new ways of generating revenue, encouraging investment, exploring joint ventures with private sector partners, or funding alongside conventional private sector lending.

Our experts have considerable experience of advising on public sector funding and structures, including:

  • Investment funds to provide debt funding to private sector developers for housing and housing related infrastructure
  • Setting up and funding wholly owned housing companies
  • Creating joint venture structures to deliver capital and revenue returns in the public sector
  • Large-scale self-build housing projects
  • Investments to participate in delivery of strategically important assets
  • Grant funding regimes for housing and associated infrastructure, including those relating to recoverable grant and revolving funds
  • Bond issues (including social impact bond finance), loan agreements and security documents
  • State aid compliance We regularly deal with funding of complex transactions that need to be state aid compliant, tax efficient, robust and deliver what the client needs.

In brief

  • Raising money
  • Loan finance
  • Vanilla finance
  • Investment structures and vehicles
  • Bonds