How can we help you?

We advise on a wide range of power generation projects across all scales and technologies, including conventional thermal power stations, nuclear plants, waste to energy, wind and solar projects.  We have developed small pathfinder projects and multi-billion dollar projects. 

We advise private sector developers, government entities and consultants active in the sector. We also advise lenders and secondary market investors. We provide specialist expertise in areas including environmental law, corporate law and finance.

Our power practice is active across our network of offices and we regularly advise on projects in the UK, the Middle East and Asia. Many of our projects are first in country transactions. Our track record in delivering complex projects into new markets means we are well placed to work in new jurisdictions and deliver innovative and first time projects to challenging markets.

We have a particularly strong track record In the Middle East.  Our lawyers have advised the sponsors of each of the first IPP/IWPPs in Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and we have continued to be extensively involved in IPPs, IWPPs and IWPs in the Middle East. We understand the nature of private sector developed projects and the issues that are likely to be of concern and interest for both the government and the private sector within such partnerships.

In relation to renewable power, we advise on a range of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and biomass. In the UK market we have an established track record in advising real estate owners, housing providers, local authorities, developers and funders on rooftop PV (which links strongly to our real estate practice). We also advise on large scale commercial PV, onshore wind and financed biomass projects.

We advise landowners, project companies and funders on renewable energy projects. This includes advice on small scale pilot projects, self-funded installations and large-scale financed deals. We have advised on all aspects of these transactions, including procurement, risk analysis, property consents, construction warranties, governance and tax.

In addition to our experience around the development, construction and operation of power projects, we are also very familiar with the financing of these projects, including using Islamic finance and ECAs, along with issues around fund formation for energy projects.

In brief

  • Expertise on all forms of power generation including renewable, waste to energy, thermal and nuclear
  • Extensive experience of project financed structures
  • Close understanding of the regulatory regime in jurisdictions where we operate
  • Close links with our real estate teams for roof-top solar and distributed generation work