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In our latest live Q&A panel session we discussed some of the latest issues and updates impacting on how organisations manage and keep their data safe.

The pandemic has required organisations to adapt their data protection controls as we all continue to adopt huge and unexpected changes in working practices. Some organisations have dealt with such changes well, but others may be struggling. 

The demand for agile working shows no signs of going away and we again took a closer look at how organisations can protect their data from a data breach. We also explored the circumstances where you can / should redact information or withhold it all together.

However the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only issue organisations need to think about! 

During this webinar we also discussed the following issues:

  • The UK is hurtling towards the end of the Brexit transition period, before which we may or may not have agreement with the EU on data processing matters or even an adequacy decision.That outcome will have a significant impact on what the data protection law will look like after Brexit and how organisations can keep data secure and flowing between the EU and the UK. This also raises questions in relation to exporting data to other countries outside the EEA, including considering the law and risks of each country to which the data will be transferred.
  • On 16 July 2020, the eagerly anticipated Schrems II judgment deemed the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid. This means that organisations must now determine how to lawfully continue exporting data to the US. 

The full recording of this webinar can be viewed below: