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After 10 weeks of effort, the Trowers quarantache team has come to the end of its moustache growing journey to raise funds to battle COVID-19, in support of CARE International UK.

Team members were Abdul-Haq Mohammed, Alastair Glover, Alyaqdhan Al Waily, Benjamin O'Brien-McQueenie, Bilal Kahlon, Brian Howard, Elias Moubarak, Ethan Chye, Jeremy Ingham, Jordan Ellis, Khan Kassam, Mark Kenkre, Tom Reynolds, Srijan Mishra, Samer Almaz, Tom Wigley, and Unkar Chanian. Some had to relinquish their lip lids at various stages in the 10 weeks, but the results are striking nonetheless!

CARE is currently responding to the COVID-19 emergency in 67 countries.  They have directly helped more than 11.7 million people in 57 countries – and have also reached an estimated 137 million people through mass media messaging.

Donations now to CARE's Coronavirus appeal can help them to: distribute soap and other essential hygiene items to vulnerable communities, particularly in refugee camps and settlements; install handwashing stations in refugee settlements and at schools, markets, and other public places; increase water supply in water-scarce areas to enable handwashing and household hygiene, for example through emergency water trucking and distribution of water storage containers; ensure proper handwashing and sanitation knowledge reaches children, teachers, and community leaders; carry out targeted hygiene promotion and education, specifically focusing on transmission risks and prevention of COVID-19; and support community-based surveillance to track infection and minimise the impact of the coronavirus.

If you are able to, please help us help others fight this virus the best they can.  More information is available at CARE's webpage –

Our fundraising page is on Just Giving at –