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Part of our being an efficient employer of the future series.

Covid acted as a catalyst for change on the future of work, with more than three quarters of employers now offering flexible working for employees, increasing competition across the market. We are anticipating multiple changes to employment law throughout 2024, including with flexible working. With an upcoming general election, there is the potential for more significant change. 

John Turnbull and Stephanie Taylor were joined by James Gill, Head of Agency Development and Market Education at LinkedIn, to provide insight into the future of flexible working and how to implement practices in a way that boosts efficiency. Whilst agile working is favourable as a means of flexibility within the workplace, its implementation should be carefully considered with a particular focus on technology, data protection and reconsideration of property needs.

Our panel discussed trends that we may see in the future of flexible working, attitudes to a four-day work week and the impact that a labour government might have.

This Q&As webinar session was recorded and can be viewed here: