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Following on from our successful summer of inclusivity, this Autumn we are now turning our focus to what makes a responsible employer. 

Being a successful, responsible employer of the future is multi-faceted and requires organisations to be innovative and adaptable in the changing climate. We will be exploring the pressing issues that employers need to address, from wellbeing and social responsibility to agility and flexibility.

First of all, for the month of October, we'll be focusing on Wellbeing.

Employers must look after their staff’s wellbeing, be it physical, mental or financial. A responsible employer of the future will have to be proactive about the support that they provide. This responsibility extends beyond HR to all areas of the business. 

This weeks session was on financial wellbeing. Nicola Ihnatowicz and John Turnbull were joined by guest speaker Andrea Gordon, Group Director of People and Culture, Peabody.

This Q&As webinar session was recorded and can be viewed here: