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Successful regeneration brings together key stakeholders and communities to deliver a long-term vision that acts as a catalyst for change. 

With enough flexibility to respond to changing needs and demands, truly sustainable regeneration must deliver economic prosperity and drive equality to the places that need it most. For us, it brings together the environmental, the social and the governance elements of ESG and the power we hold to affect change.

At Trowers, we think the future of development in the UK is at a crossroads. Barriers to successful regeneration are mounting, and we urgently need solutions that can drive equality, tackle the housing crisis, and deliver impact and social value for our communities. As the national agenda shifts towards the economic and political rebalancing of cities across the country, now more than ever, we need look at how to create places that empower and enable communities and business to thrive.

That's why we're rethinking regen. 

Using our knowledge built up over decades of advising on large and small scale regen projects for both the public and private sectors, we want to focus on the most prevalent issues facing communities from energy use in homes to access to green space and opportunity. We will be speaking with those involved in regeneration schemes for their viewpoints and bringing together leading voices to discuss the challenges faced and propose potential solutions to bring about a radical rethink of how we approach regeneration in the UK.

We are passionate about real estate in all its forms, and particularly about the built environment in which we live and work, and what it actually means to people’s lives. As a pioneer in regeneration work, we have decades of experience in resolving the complex challenges of large urban schemes. 

If you would like to be involved in this discussion, please get in touch.