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HMRC has updated the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) guidance to confirm that employers can submit requests that details of their claims under the scheme are not published.

Claims will not be published where an employer is able to show and provide evidence that doing do would result in serious risk of violence or intimidation to certain relevant individuals (including individual employers, directors, officers or employees) or anyone living with them.

The guidance provides details of what employers will need to provide in order to request that details will not be published.  The request must be made by the employer and cannot be made by an agent on the employer's behalf. No details will be published by HMRC until a decision had been made about the application and the employer has been informed.

HMRC published the names of about 750,000 employers in the last week of January. No information about the value of the claims has been published as yet as employers had until 28 January to amend their December claims.