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Over 18 months, we have brought together leaders across communities and businesses to look at how we create the towns and cities of the future as well as examine real estate’s role in providing the platform for society to thrive.

The pandemic, which has accelerated conversations around social value and climate change, arguably makes the need to understand how the built environment can drive prosperity in cities and urban centres even more pressing. Decisions are being made now about how cities will be used differently following the pandemic.

We set about exploring this topic in several ways. A YouGov poll was commissioned in late October 2019 looking into perceptions of prosperity in Birmingham, Exeter, London, and Manchester, the cities where our UK offices are located. We reran this survey in September 2020 to capture the impact of the pandemic. ING Media's City Strategist Peter Griffiths analysed these results alongside comparative statistics of each city's performance within the UK.

This data was then presented at a virtual workshop session in December 2020 focusing on Manchester and the North West which provided a starting point for exploring cities and prosperity

This report includes the key findings from the data for Birmingham and the Midlands as well as the themes that emerged from our workshop session. Please download the report, here.

To view the key findings and themes that have emerged from the whole campaign, please download the full report, here.