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Our latest Employment webinar for Mental Health Awareness Week with guest speaker Dr Ruth Briant-Jones. 

Watch Nicola Ihnatowicz and Rebecca McGuirk discuss supporting Mental Health in the 'new normal' with Dr Ruth Briant-Jones.

Dr Ruth Briant-Jones spent 12 years as a military officer and has seen active service both in the UK and overseas. She has qualifications in fitness, nutrition, coaching and medicine and brings a combined practice of lifestyle, functional medicine and coaching to help individuals to reach their true potential - through both 1-1 engagement and developmental workshops.

With many employees working remotely, wellbeing and connectedness have never been more important.

If you are seeking to refine your wellbeing strategy or address any wellbeing training needs, including mental health awareness, or to discuss any wellbeing-related raised during this webinar, Ruth will be delighted to hear from you. 


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Watch the full webinar below for some helpful tips and advice.