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For our latest Trowers Tuesdays maximising inclusivity month, Rebecca McKay and Imogen Reseigh discuss age discrimination and Covid-19.

In the shorter term, it is clear that those who are older are at a higher risk of serious illness from Covid-19, something employers need to bear in mind. In both the shorter and longer term, the economic impact of the pandemic means we are likely to see individuals working for longer and retiring later. Employers will need to make sure their workplace pension and wider benefits remain fit for purpose in the wake of the changes.

The Government has announced a number of initiatives aimed at supporting younger people, such as traineeships and work placements for 16 - 24 year olds and incentives to boost the hiring of apprentices. Your workplace will become increasingly diverse and there are challenges associated with managing a workforce of those in Generation Z to Baby Boomers.

Watch the full webinar below.