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Leading international law firm, Trowers & Hamlins, has welcomed the launch of the new 'Route Map for New Home Delivery' launched by the Futures Network of The Housing Forum.

The Route Map sets out the processes involved in the construction of new homes embracing partnering principles, team building and the early engagement of the supply chain and manufacturing process. It is intended that the Route Map for New Home Delivery will be used as part of the induction learning process for people who are new to roles in the housing and construction sector, or who want to learn more about what happens in other parts of the construction process that they may not be involved with. 

Trowers Senior Associates Nicola Conway and Stuart Brown, as members of the first and second cohorts of the Futures Network, worked with colleagues to create an easy-to-use guide to new housing delivery focussed on unpicking the jargon for new entrants to the housing sector and promoting best practice.

Nicola Conway commented:

"Working alongside a cohort made up of professionals from across the industry has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the sector from all angles. The process of creating the Route Map has been really interesting and has allowed me to understand far more about the ins and outs of housing delivery in a more complete way. The Route Map provides a brilliant resource for so many people, it's been a privilege to be involved."

Stuart Brown added:

"Working with other members of the Futures Network, alongside mentors and industry experts, has been invaluable in enhancing my understanding of the full life cycle of housing delivery. The Route Map is a fantastic platform to highlight the key issues at every stage of the process and gives those who are new to the sector an excellent insight into the steps involved in delivering new homes."

The Futures Network began by mapping the new home development process against what are widely recognised steps. A questionnaire was sent to The Housing Forum’s members to gather their insights which were analysed by The Futures Network. They then worked with sector experts to create a first draft of the Route Map, which was presented at a workshop with findings tested and challenged by a range of senior industry figures, drawn from all areas of the new home development process. 

The Route Map can be found here - The Futures Network releases their Route Map for New Home Delivery : The Housing Forum