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With the increased flexibility under the Procurement Act 2023 (the Act) comes an enhanced transparency regime, and contracting authorities need to get to grips now with the new notices which underpin the enhanced transparency obligations.

Whilst the Act is not expected to come into force until October 2024 at the earliest, contracting authorities and suppliers to the public sector should start to acquaint themselves with this new transparency regime and the noticing requirements straight away. In particular, contracting authorities who will be required to publish a pipeline notices under the Act should be making preparations now to ensure they have sufficient knowledge and information about their procurement needs over the coming years.

The notices flowchart explains in plain language the requirements in relation to notices under the new Act, setting out where a contracting authority may be expected and/or required to publish notices in relation to procurement activity. The flowchart sets out which notices will be mandatory, which will be voluntary, and which will be mandatory in specified circumstances. 

We hope this will be helpful to those seeking to get to grips with the new transparency regime.

Download our Procurement Act 2023 notices flowchart