How can we help you?

Last week marked Trustees Week 2023 and to help celebrate and help support the vital work that trustees do, we ran a series of free to attend training sessions across the week. The recordings and slides for each session can be found below.

Understanding duties, fraud and serious incident reporting

For a charity to effectively carry out its work, it is essential for charity trustees to have a clear understanding of their legal duties, how to deal with fraud and what to do if their charity is subject to fraud.

Our training will provide you with a better understanding of the fundamental duties of charity trustees. We also shared our insights into the ways in which your charity can identify and mitigate the risk of fraud and what to do if you do suffer fraud.

Solvency and insolvency issues

When times are tight, the charity sector can face pressure on funding. This session included practical tips to ensure your cash flow position.

Topics covered include:

  • Protected cash flow
  • Duties to creditors
  • Contract review process
  • Trustee duties v director duties.

Whistle blowing, trustee duties and the charity commission involvement

A recent Charity Commission report has revealed whistle blowing disclosures have increased.

Our training will provide you with a better understanding of the types of whistle blowing disclosures experienced by charities, the policies and procedures you should have in place to minimise against such disclosures and how and when the Charity Commission should be notified and when they will become involved.