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As part of our ongoing conversation around shaping inclusive and authentic workplaces, our 2023 'Being an inclusive employer survey report' revisits the themes we began to explore in 2022. 

Join us in unpacking the findings and exploring practical tips to help propel your organisation towards becoming a more inclusive Employer of the Future.

Highlights include: 

Understanding inclusion:

A positive shift is noted in the area of awareness and understanding, with only 12% of organisations now reporting a lack of understanding within their ranks. 35% also now believe senior leadership is demonstrating commitment to inclusion, a welcome 7% increase from the previous year. However, with 61% still feeling there's room for improvement, the need for 'top down' education and leadership modelling remains a focal point.


A commendable swing has been made in the training landscape, with 43% of organisations now offering standalone inclusion training; a significant leap from 23% last year. For the 27% who are yet to implement targeted training, there is a tangible opportunity to explore whether now is the right time to do so, to foster a deeper level of understanding across the workforce.

Policies and implementation:

Whilst a positive 28% believe their organisation's employment policies foster inclusivity, 72% still recognise that there is room for further improvement. With inclusion being integral to wider culture and ESG strategies, there is a clear need for greater alignment in day to day practices and 'living the values' beyond written policies and procedures.

Tracking and measuring inclusion

The range and diversity of approaches organisations are taking towards tracking and measuring inclusion is vast, with some much further on the journey than others. Use of emerging tech, people analytics and AI are on the rise; however, the absence of structured tracking in 22% of organisations means that there is significant scope to develop in this area and use data more cohesively.

Employee engagement and positive action

Employee-led groups are growing in popularity, with 28% of organisations now running special interest groups for inclusion and 20% having these in the planning stages. However, the use of positive action initiatives has decreased slightly to 24%, signalling a potential area for improvement.  Organisations are encouraged to explore and share successful positive action initiatives to turn this trend around into 2024.

We'd love to hear your views on our survey report and the shape of your organisation’s inclusivity journey over the last 12 months. If you need support, we are here to help; our toolkit detailing ways we can help you along the journey is here. You and your colleagues can also add your details to our mailing lists for free content, including employment and pensions updates and invites to our weekly Trowers Tuesday webinars – strength in community is what we are about!