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October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month. During this month our cyber team will highlight best practice on how to enhance cyber resilience from leading experts in the field.

We are delighted to launch this whitepaper which has been co-authored with Cyber Risk Score and takes a detailed look at building and enhancing cyber resilience in supply chains. 

The recent annual Global Incident Response Threat Report from VMware, based on feedback from 125 cyber security experts, highlights the changing manner and form in which cyber-attacks are jeopardising organisations. From a noticeable increase in cyber-attacks since Russia's war on Ukraine, to the growing use of deepfake attacks and the notable rise in ransomware threats to both the public sector and businesses – the need for education, preparedness and cyber response strategies has never been more pronounced.

It is therefore imperative that businesses maintain the necessary protections to operate a cyber-secure environment. Furthermore, it is clear that this issue is prevalent in supply chains, and no matter how much companies prioritise cybersecurity, their resilience is only as good as their networks.

We have discussed the issues addressed in this paper with industry leaders, in addition to reviewing some real life examples to provide detailed first-hand accounts of the current climate. 

Trowers' cyber experts Helen Briant, Charlotte Clayson and Amardeep Gill along with the rest of our team look forward to providing meaningful know-how and expertise on what is a real risk to any business regardless of sector or size.

Download the full whitepaper.