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As we launch our Employer of the Future campaign, we share our insights and observations about the key factors that are driving change in the workplace. 

Drawing on a growing volume of poll and survey data that reveals some of the successes and challenges of adapting to a fast-moving, employee-led job market, this discussion brings together key ideas that will be explored in depth over the course of 2022. 

As we explore the changing nature of the employer and employee relationship we also share our thoughts on how the relationship is changing, thoughts and ideas on how businesses today can become an employer of choice and how they can remain competitive in a fast-evolving world of work.    

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We welcome a discussion about your business and how you are adapting to agile and flexible working and how we can help you be an Employer of the Future.

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Emma Burrows

Partner, Head of Employment and Pensions


Emma Burrows

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